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Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors Quiz


The side effects of acarbose include:

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A diet lower in complex carbohydrates and sucrose may help with the gastrointestinal side effects of acarbose.

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Mr Barnes has had type 2 diabetes for several years. Recently there has been an elevation of his HbA1c (three-month diabetes management) and the doctor is concerned that he is not taking his diabetes medication as prescribed. Mr Barnes tells you he takes all his medication (including acarbose and metformin XR, blood pressure and cholesterol medication) straight after his meals as he has always done since this causes less stomach upsets for him. Of the following scenarios which is the best health outcome for Mr Barnes?

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Acarbose needs to be taken immediately before meals or with the first mouthful to be effective. If Mr Barnes is experiencing gastrointestinal side effects when taking before meals this may be due to having too much carbohydrate in his diet and he may need referral for extra education or referral to a dietitian.

Acarbose alone does not cause hypoglycaemia. However, if used in conjunction with insulin or sulfonylureas, treatment for a hypoglycaemia event must be with:

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