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Pharmacy Diabetes offers practical
tools & programs which support
pharmacies to build experience and
confidence in the delivery of diabetes services.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia

Over 1.3 million are living with diabetes

500,000 are undiagnosed

2 million are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes see a pharmacist 7 x more than any other healthcare professional

Community pharmacy plays a pivotal role in diabetes management as an access point for diabetes products and is ideally positioned to deliver a range of diabetes services

Pharmacy Diabetes Services

The role of pharmacy acting as a community health hub to improve chronic disease managed is well recognised.

(McMillian et al, 2012).

Implementation of diabetes services can be challenging and research clearly highlights the common barriers to implementation.

Barriers to Pharmacy Services

Diabetes Programs : The delivery of services can be challenging in a busy pharmacy and services also need to deliver revenue to be sustainable.

Pharmacy Diabetes offers online programs that support pharmacies to deliver paid diabetes services. Our programs operate on the Pharmacy Diabetes SMAART Portal – an intuitive and user centric web-based app that guides users through the delivery of sponsored diabetes programs. The portal uses existing technology and workflows to ensure easy delivery of programs.
Programs include:
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Smaart Portal

As someone living with Type 2 diabetes, you are probably most worried about how to manage complications. Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) as part of the healthcare team can play a very pivotal role in supporting you.

Diabetes Therapies : Supporting your staff to understand and manage Access Point categories & products can be time consuming.

Pharmacy Diabetes offers useful and concise information on the key Access Point categories with supporting product information to assist your staff to understand and manage Access Point products and services.

Diabetes Resources : Accessing the tools and resources needed to support your diabetes services in one place is not easy to find.

It takes strength and courage to care for someone with diabetes. This responsibility can be thrust upon you with little preparation, understanding or training. As the carer of someone who is living with diabetes, you play an important role in supporting their health.

Resources include

Diabetes Services : Identifying key intervention opportunities and linking to service delivery can be complex.

Pharmacy Diabetes assist pharmacists to identify interventions for commonly prescribed diabetes medications and supports pharmacy to link these interventions to service delivery.

Diabetes HCP Network : I am a family member of person living with Diabetes

As someone living with a person with Type 2 diabetes, you are probably most worried about how to manage their health conditions. Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) as part of the healthcare team can play a very pivotal role in supporting you.

Your Credentialled Diabetes Educator can help develop a plan which may include

How it works


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Start delivering diabetes services when you and your team are confident.

Pharmacy Diabetes

Build Service Revenue – Online programs that enable pharmacies to deliver paid diabetes services with existing products & pharmacy workflows.

Build Service Confidence – Practical step by step guidance in the delivery of diabetes interventions. You and your team gain practical implementation skills, which builds confidence.

Services At Your Own Pace – You and your team decide on the services you are comfortable delivering.

Maximise Reimbursement Opportunities –  Build linkages between diabetes interventions to maximise your reimbursed opportunities.

Build Retail Categories – Your team learns to maximise retail categories in supporting diabetes services.

Tools & Resources – Ease of access to online tools and resources to support service delivery.

Support People With Diabetes – When ready, you and your team access and deliver diabetes services and programs which support your customers living with diabetes.

You Are Not Alone – Support from pharmacists experienced in diabetes service delivery.

Professional Referral Network – Access to a network of allied healthcare professional for professional referral, when necessary.

All of this at your fingertips through the use of your existing pharmacy technology.
Talk to us now on how to become a diabetes health hub to better support your customers living with diabetes.

Pharmacy Diabetes – Supporting Diabetes Services